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The Changing Habits and Attitudes of News Consumption of UK Adults

How have readers' news consumption habits changed? Which formats interest readers the most? Find out in this whitepaper. 


Thanks to rapid digitalization and the many events shaping our world, the way we consume news has changed profoundly.

Curious to understand these evolving dynamics, we surveyed 2,000 Brits to learn how they satisfy their daily news appetite. (Turns out it's not all crumpets and tea breaks 👀)

Our research is useful to publishers and editors, media researchers and marketers, and anyone else who wants to know:

  1. Which news sources are on the rise and which may be fading away?
  2. How much UK adults actually trust the news they receive?
  3. What news they want to read and watch?
We shared our findings in this whitepaper:  "The Changing Habits And Attitudes Of News Consumption Of UK Adults"

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Access the whitepaper now!