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Pricing & Packages

Monthly Billing
Yearly Billing
On Demand
For singular events

69/per Liveblog*

€69* per published live blog with a duration of 30 days

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  • On Demand includes:
  • 1 Domain for 1 Live Blog
  • 100,000 Monthly Page Views
  • 1 Admin + 1 User
  • Access to News or Sports Templates
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Helpdesk During Office Hours
  • Engagement Features: Polls, Quotes, Emojis
  • Mobile Reporter App
  • Detailed Statistics
    Get information on page views, unique users, retention time, and more.
  • Multi-Reporter Mode
    All reporters can work simultaneously in the same live blog
  • Social Media Integration & Social Search
    Find and add social media posts within our software's interface. Create bookmarks to organize your social media searches for quick access.
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For quick and efficient liveblogging


Test Now
  • On Demand plus:
  • 1 Domain + Unlimited Live Blogs
  • 500,000 Monthly Page Views
  • 1 Admin + 10 Users
  • Access to 1 Template - News or Sport
  • Seamless CMS Integration
  • Personal Email Support During Office Hours
  • Highlight Post Summary
  • Content/Multimedia Download
  • Customization via CSS
  • Tickaroo Marketplace
    Book live blogs from Tickaroo partners and expand them with your own content or offer your own live blogs in the Marketplace
  • Third-Party Content Integration
    Any content as an iFrame can be integrated in seconds.
  • Relative Links
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For consistent and engaging storytelling


Test Now
  • Advanced plus:
  • 2 Domains + Unlimited Live Blogs
  • 1,000,000 Monthly Page Views
  • 10 Admins + 50 Users
  • Access to the News + 2 Sports Templates
  • SEO Features
    Improve the ranking and visibility of your live blogs for readers and users with AMP,, and HTML and CSS Prefetch.
  • Personal Email/Phone Support During Office Hours
  • Live Commenting
    Interact with readers with commenting blocks in your liveblogs. Easily moderate and manage these comments within the Live Blog interface.
  • Post Tagging
    Tag individual posts to make it easier for your readers to filter through your live blogs.
  • AI Smart Assist
    Summarize and generate texts, create social media posts, and so much more in mere seconds with the help of our AI assistant.
  • Guest Access
    Invite external reporters or experts to your liveblog without giving them access to the rest of your organization.
  • Custom Ads
    Manage the cadence at which ads appear within your live blogs to improve the ad experience for your readers and advertisers.
  • Affiliate Links
    Easily integrate affliliate links into your live coverage for higher conversions.
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Tailored to your specific requirements

By Request

Test Now
  • Professional plus any of the following features:
  • As Many Domains as You Need
  • 4,000,000 Monthly Page Views
    If 4 million page views are exceeded, 48 EUR will be charged for every additional 100,000 page views.
  • Unlimited Admins + Users
  • Access to all News and Sports Templates
  • API Access
  • 24/7 Support
  • Sports Widgets & Sports Data Integration
  • Multimedia Library (DAM) Integration
  • Live Blog Auto Syndication
    Have content from one of your live blogs appear automatically in other live blogs across your organization.
  • Content Streams
    Enhance your live blog with content from RSS feeds or sports data providers, your organization's other live blogs, or news agencies.
  • Live Blog Fallback System
    In case of a cyber threat, the Live Blog Fallback system enables publishers to continue reaching their audiences.
  • SingleSignOn (SSO)
    Use your central SAML-based login system (such as ADFS) to enable the authentication of users in your company for the Tickaroo Live Blog account.
  • Live Blog Importer
    Import older live blogs from previous software into your new Tickaroo profile quickly and easily.
  • Custom Sport Templates
    Contact us if you need a template that we do not offer yet.
  • Custom Feature Requests
    Contact us if you need a feature that we do not offer yet.
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*excl. legal tax 

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is onboarding?

Getting started with Tickaroo couldn’t be easier thanks to our user-friendly software and amazing support team. We offer demo calls for you and your team in which we introduce you to the Live Blog editor and answer your questions. Simply get in touch with our support team or your Tickaroo contact person.

How long does it take to integrate live blogs?

Integration is fast, simple and relies primarily on customizable Embed JS Widgets. For more information please refer to our Developer’s Documentation.

What happens after the 14-day trial?

At the top of your Tickaroo dashboard you can see how much time you have left on your trial. Once your trial is over, Admins will have the option to book one of our packages directly within your Tickaroo organization. Trials do not automatically convert to a package subscription, so you don't have to worry about any hidden costs after your trial ends. You can also contact our sales team at any time so that we can put together a package that suits your needs. 

Where can I find my invoices?

If you have booked your On Demand, Advanced or Professional package directly in your Tickaroo organization via Stripe, you will find your invoices in your organization settings under Prices & Packages. You can download them here every month. 

When will I receive my Enterprise invoice?

The Enterprise package can only be booked annually. You will always receive your invoice directly from our accounting department at the beginning of the contract period. 

Can I change my subscription plan?

You can change your On Demand, Advanced or Professional package at any time. With Advanced and Professional, your package is automatically renewed each month, but can also be canceled at any time. After canceling a package, your organization remains unchanged and you can book a new package at any time. 

If you want to upgrade to our Enterprise package please contact our support or your Tickaroo contact person. 

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your Advanced or Professional subscription on a monthly basis in your settings under Prices & Packages if you have booked via Stripe.
If you receive your invoices directly from our accounting department you can also cancel your package at any time. However, the contract will only be terminated at the end of the contract period. In this case please contact your Tickaroo contact person for help.

How does the On Demand Package work?

Within your Tickaroo organization, you can purchase Live Blog credits via Stripe. 
A credit costs €69 and allows you to publish your live blog for 30 days. You can buy as many credits as you like and determine the duration of your live blog yourself. Purchased credits do not expire if you do not need them immediately and can be used anytime.

Any Other Questions?

Check out more of our FAQ here or contact us directly.

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