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From desktop to mobile and AI, we develop our live content software with your present and future publishing needs in mind. Cover news, sports, and events, engage with audiences and monetize your live content with our easy-to-use technology.

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From the sidelines to the newsroom, our software enables publishers to transform news into an engaging two-way conversation – breaking down barriers between journalists and audiences. With our live coverage software, your audiences aren't just reading the news; they’re witnessing it unfold in real time.

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“We believe quality live coverage is crucial in fostering trust and transparency.”

That's why we build high-performance liveblogging software, so you can focus on meeting your audience's needs no matter how big the story is.

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Throughout the mobile to the AI revolutions and beyond, Tickaroo has enabled industries worldwide to reach their live coverage goals. Our experience working with live coverage experts across various industries, enables us to develop the best software for their specific publishing needs.

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Tickaroo Live Blog can help you cover stories from your industry, too.

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Our Experience Is Your Benefit

Having provided live coverage solutions for leaders across the news, sports, and event industries, we know what you want when it comes to live coverage software. The Tickaroo Live Blog tool helps you reach your engagement, monetization, and live coverage goals.

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Increased Engagement

Connect with your readers and integrate their perspectives into your storytelling with our engagement features. 

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Intuitive Layout and Simple Usability

Easily keep your audience informed with instant updates as events unfold. Live coverage has never been so simple.

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Optimized Live Coverage Workflows

Eliminate content bottlenecking with our built-for fast-paced reporting software. Your team will love you for it.

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Monetization Opportunities

With our software, publishers have diversified their revenue streams in various ways over the last decade. 

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High-Performance Stability

Our high-performance live coverage software is stable when your traffic spikes.

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Top-Rate Customer Service

We take the time to find the right solution for your team's needs. 

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Our software isn’t just stable. It’s visually captivating and engaging for reporters and readers alike. Tickaroo Live Blog software is the perfect tool for covering all kinds of events, from sports games to keynote speeches. See how flexible you can get with our liveblogging software with our diverse live blog examples.

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Client Testimonials

What Our Client’s Say About Us

With Tickaroo, we provide our readers with SZ-quality journalism in real-time! The simple integration of media, other embeds, and highlight posts enables us to provide an organized overview at all times, even in highly dynamic news situations. The user-friendly editor is very popular among our journalists - with both reporters in the field and editors in the newsroom.

Michael Koenig

Managing Editor of SZ

We see live blogs especially as a good journalistic instrument in order to prepare lots of information quickly. Live blogs for example the Corona or the Ukraine Live blog are a central starting point that readers continue to come back to. They draw readers to the homepage, where they then see ads or eventually become subscribers.

The average engagement time is signficantly higher for our live blogs than our normal articles.

Cai Tore Philippsen Profile Picture
Cai Tore Philippsen

Managing Editor of FAZ