Liveblogs: The Perfect Medium for Reporting on Debates & Election Day


In the run-up to the election, debates have become the bread and circuses of the current political landscape. Despite this, and early voting, the presidential debates are an important tool for undecided voters. With anticipation growing and the likelihood of a tumultuous election day increasing with every passing press conference and tweet, the need for quality digital reporting tools (read: liveblogs) increases with it.
An election map of the USA with some states in blue and others in red.

Why liveblogs?

Articles are by definition reactive and written in response to an event or news story. They are an important tool for disseminating information but they are more of a follow-up than a way of sharing breaking news as it happens.
Compared with traditional articles, liveblogs are interactive and intended to accompany events with real-time updates. The functions that every reliable liveblog software should have, and that are crucial for effectively reporting on debates and election days are:
  1. Adding short text updates – quickly add information to the liveblog while it’s still relevant
  2. Including social media content – add key posts that enhance the narrative and connect or even include the reader
  3. Unparalleled usability, performance, and platform stability – reliable tech so that your focus can be the story
  4. Integrating third-party content – book reputable liveblogs from external content providers
  5. Reliable hosting and traffic and unbeatable stability and scalability – the story doesn’t stop, even if the numbers keep climbing. Liveblog technology that automatically scales to fit even the most popular liveblogs ensures that performance is never a concern for the millions of readers.

Rely on reliability!

Instead of classic news articles or an attempt to present live updates in the form of paragraphs, using dedicated liveblog software produces a clean and easily-consumable end-format for users. It also provides reporters with the chance to present a play-by-play or rather, a rebuttal-by-rebuttal. Ready for anything, liveblogs can transform a seemingly complicated subject into a clearly focused narrative. Given the unpredictable nature of this entire election cycle, it’s good to have at least one reliable and easy-to-understand aspect of it!

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