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What is Tickaroo Live Blog?

Delivering Real-Time Updates and Engaging Content

Tickaroo Live Blog is a cutting-edge liveblogging software designed to empower you to deliver real-time updates and engaging content to your audience effortlessly. Whether you're covering breaking news, live events, or sports games, the Tickaroo Live Blog software provides you with the tools and features to make your live coverage a standout success.

Key Features

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Real-Time Updates

Keep your audience informed with instant updates as events unfold. Live coverage has never been so simple.

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User-Friendly Interface

Experience the ease of liveblogging with our intuitive platform, whether you are a live coverage beginner or a live-news expert.

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Enjoy seamless liveblogging with fast and reliable performance, ensuring your content is created and delivered without a hitch.

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Multimedia Integration

Enhance your live blogs with images, videos, graphs, social media posts, and other multimedia content to capture your audience's attention.

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Tailor your live blog to match your brand's identity with customizable themes and layouts.

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Audience Interaction

Foster engagement with your readers through live comments and interactive content like polls and quizzes.

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Monetization Opportunities

Integrate ads directly into your live coverage, to prevent your readers from experiencing ad overload.

Check out other monetization opportunities here.

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Gain valuable insights into your live blogs’ performance with built-in analytics.

See how Tickaroo Live Blog's features can help you cover news stories here.

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How easy is Tickaroo Live Blog to use?

We Take Care of the Tech, So You Can Focus on the Story

Quick to master and easy to integrate - easily merge our software with your CMS and publishing workflows, quickly embed live blogs into your websites or native apps, share links across your social platforms, monetize your content, and benefit from increased reach and retention rates.

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Easy CMS Integration

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No-Code Custom Design

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Optimized for SEO

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Why use Tickaroo?

Everything You Get with Our Software

Elevate your liveblogging experience with these benefits.

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Increased Engagement

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Intuitive Layout and Simple Usability

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Optimized Live Coverage Workflows

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Monetization Tools

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High-Performance Stability

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Top-Rate Customer Service

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Who is our software for? 

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Tickaroo Live Blog’s flexible software makes it the perfect tool for covering fast-paced stories of all kinds. Having supported media, sports, and event experts throughout their digital transformation, our software is built to serve the needs and desires of numerous industries.

Publishers and News
Sports Teams and

Tickaroo Live Blog can help you cover your stories, too.

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Client Testimonials

What Our Client’s Say About Us

With Tickaroo, we provide our readers with SZ-quality journalism in real-time! The simple integration of media, other embeds, and highlight posts enables us to provide an organized overview at all times, even in highly dynamic news situations. The user-friendly editor is very popular among our journalists - with both reporters in the field and editors in the newsroom.

Michael Koenig
Michael Koenig

Managing Editor of the Süddeutsche Zeitung

Tickaroo provides excellent UI/UX design in the content management system. Even though the editorial department members are not familiar with digital tools, they can instantly understand how to use Tickaroo.” 

“Using Tickaroo makes cross-functional cooperation easier. It reduces the editorial workload significantly.

Ivory Chia The Reporter Cultural Foundation (Taiwan)
Ivory Chia

Product Manager at The Reporter Cultural Foundation (Taiwan)