Live Coverage Features that Audiences Love

Optimize live coverage workflows, engage with your audiences, and monetize your content with our software's high-performance features. 

High-performance features for optimizing workflows, engaging audiences, and monetizing content

Start Liveblogging in Minutes

From writing to integration, our live coverage software makes it easy to reach your audiences in minutes.

Set Up in Seconds

Newsrooms love our crisp user interface that is easy to understand and simple to use.

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Integrate with Ease

Just copy and paste the live blog ID into your website code.

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Customize Without Coding

With our simple-to-use theme generator, you can adjust the look and feel of each live blog, including color, language, layout, and more.

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Cover Stories on the Go

Break news on the scene with the Live Blog Mobile App. 

Download Tickaroo Live Blog on the Apple App Store  Get Tickaroo Live Blog App on Google Play


Captivate Readers with Stunning Visuals

Today’s news consumers want more than just text. Give them a variety of visual media to increase their media time.

Use Dynamic Sports Templates

Easily cover sporting events with specialized event buttons.

Integrating social media posts into live blogs

Integrate Social Media Posts from Customized Social Feeds

Easily discover and integrate dynamic social posts in seconds.

Drag and Drop Icon

Add Images and Videos via Drag and Drop

​​A picture is worth 1000 words - integrate images, galleries, videos, and media credits in seconds.

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Include Graphs, Infographics, and Other 3rd-Party Embeds.

Display data in digestible formats for your readers. Any iFrame can be embedded with a single click. 

Interact with Your Audience 

Our liveblogging software features help publishers and sports organizations engage directly with their readers and fans.

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Spark Discussion with Live-Commenting Blocks

Interact directly with audiences and gain insights into their concerns and needs.

Integrating polls icon

Integrate Polls and Quizzes to Build Connections

Gain insights from your readers with polls, and strengthen audience bonds with fun quizzes.

Post sharing icon

Enable Post Sharing

Allow your readers to share individual posts across their networks.

Leverage Multi-Reporter Mode

Report in a conversational style that keeps readers coming back for more and builds trust with the journalists covering the story.

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Boost Your Live Coverage Now

AI Tools For Your Live Coverage

Tickaroo Live Blog's AI features make ancillary tasks a snap and enable journalists to focus their energy on the story.   

Compose Summaries in Seconds

Create summaries from bullet points, article links, and highlights. 

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Create Social Posts

Turn live blog posts into perfectly formed tweets at just the click of a button. 

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Adjust Tone and Language

Connect with readers by adapting texts to reach different audiences. 

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Generate Image Captions

Caption images with detailed descriptions in seconds. Perfect for SEO!

Tickaroo Live Blog Shines Under Pressure

Our liveblogging software ensures that your live coverage makes it to your readers no matter how high the traffic.

Improve Readers' Experience with HTML & CSS Prefetch

Regardless of internet speed, Google and your readers can follow your coverage with these practical SEO features.

Live blog statistics icon

Track Coverage Performance with Detailed Statistics

Gain insights and make valuable adjustments based on each live blog's comprehensive statistics.

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Increase Traffic with

By utilizing this SEO feature, we’ve had clients experience 10x more traffic on their live blogs than on their traditional articles.

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24/7 Automated Monitoring

Live Blog's redundancy system with 24/7 automated monitoring ensures our software stays performant whenever you need it most.

Optimize Live Coverage Workflows

Tickaroo Live Blog Software enables publishers and reporters to jump-start their live coverage with limited onboarding thanks to its sleek design and simple integration.

Control the Quality of Your Live-reporting

With our editorial publishing feature, newsroom editors can review all posts before they go live.

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Easily Integrate Tickaroo Live Blog into your CMS

SSO and widget integration make it easy for reporters to cover live news within your current CMS, like Cue, LivingDocs, etc.

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Lengthen Media Time with In-Blog RSS Feeds

Easily lengthen the relevance of your content (articles, audio, videos, etc.) by dragging and dropping it from in-blog RSS and social feeds.

Live blog syndication icon

Collaborate With Live Blog Syndication

Enable various publications within your media company to source content for individual live blogs from a centralized live blog.

Easily Monetize Your Live Coverage

Add value to your content by monetizing your live coverage with these features.

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In-Blog Ads for A Less Disruptive Reader Experience

Integrate ads into your live coverage seamlessly.

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Easily Integrate Affiliate Links

Utilize affiliate links within your live storytelling for higher affiliate revenue.

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Increase On-Page Ad Revenue

With 8x higher retention rates than the average article, live blogs enable publishers to gain more revenue from their on-page ads.

Sell Liveblogs with Tickaroo Marketplace

When a big story hits, some publications have easier access to the source than others. Easily sell your live coverage to publications who are looking for timely coverage of the event.

For more ways to monetize your live coverage check out our whitepaper:

How to Create Revenue Streams in a World of Free Content.

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