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News Publishers

Editors, journalists, and on-the-scene reporters all benefit from our software’s usability and stability in high stress situations.

Here’s what publishers love about our software:
  • Enables Captivating Visual Storytelling
  • Detailed Audience Statistics
  • SEO Optimization including
  • Improves Collaborative Workflows
  • Simple CMS Integration
  • High Performance & Stability
  • Content Monetization Opportunities
  • Mobile App for On-Site Reporting
  • Engagement via Live Commenting Blocks
  • Custom Live Blog Layout (no coding necessary)
These publishers rely on the Tickaroo Live Blog
software for their live coverage needs:
Publisher Case Studies

“With Tickaroo, we provide our readers with SZ-quality journalism in real-time! The simple integration of media, other embeds, and highlight posts enables us to always provide an organized overview, even in highly dynamic news situations. The user-friendly editor is very popular among our journalists - with both reporters in the field and editors in the newsroom.”

Michael Koenig, Managing Editor at the SZ
Michael König

Managing Editor, Süddeutsche Zeitung

Fast Fact:


of the most read articles in 2023 were live blogs.*

Süddeutsche Zeitung uses the Live Blog software to experiment with new formats.

*Announced at Newsrewired on May 15th

Learn how SZ experiments with its live coverage.

“The average engagement time is significantly higher for our liveblogs than our normal articles.”

Cai Tore Philippsen Avatar
Cai Tore Philippsen

Managing Editor, Frankfurter Allgemeine

Fast Fact: 


longer retention rates than on's traditional articles

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung uses the Live Blog software to cover some of the world's biggest breaking stories. 

Media Houses

Our Live Blog software provides numerous ways to optimize live coverage for broadcasting and larger media companies.

Here’s what media houses love about our software:
  • Live-Content Syndication Across Brands
  • Uniform Live Coverage Workflows
  • Easy Brand Customization (no coding necessary)
  • RSS Feed Integration
  • Simple CMS Integration
  • Content Monetization Opportunities
  • Enables Captivating Visual Storytelling
  • Easy Multimedia Integration
  • SEO & Optimization
  • Detailed Audience Statistics
These media houses rely on the Tickaroo Live Blog
software for their live coverage need.
Media House Case Studies

After an in-depth market scan, Tickaroo was chosen as a partner to further the growth of live news & sports experiences for our Mediahuis group news brands. More than 20 news brands, spread across 5 countries, are using Tickaroo on a daily basis.

The integration with our editorial products was seamless; custom integrations were built accurately and on time. The editors are pleased with the ease of use and the user-friendly interface of the application. The combination of flexible news templates and dedicated sports templates makes Tickaroo our ideal partner for our newsroom and end users.

Sibran Lens Avatar
Sibran Lens

Product Manager RouteYou, Mediahuis

Fast Fact:

30 publications

in 5 countries

Mediahuis uses the Live Blog software to unify its live coverage branding for its numerous publications.

optimize your coverage workflows with live blogs

Press Agencies

The Live Blog software provides Press Agencies with an easy way to compose and sell their live coverage.

Here’s what press agencies love about our software:
  • Tickaroo Live Blog Marketplace
  • Simple Data Integration
  • Easy to Use Structured Live Coverage Content
  • Increased Content Visibility to Target Customers (Publishers)
  • Simplified Workflows for Coverage and Sales
  • Enables Captivating Visual Storytelling
  • Easy Multimedia Integration
  • Mobile App for On-Site Reporting
  • High Performance & Stability
  • Easy Distribution Channel
These press agencies and data providers rely on the
Tickaroo Live Blog software for their live coverage needs:
Press Agency Case Studies

“Tickaroo gives us many new composition opportunities for our live blogs - in terms of editorial content and design. We know the APA - Austria Presse Agentur customers appreciate this variety.”

Christian Kneil Avatar
Christian Kneil

Head of Content Business, APA

Fast Fact:

49 Live blogs

written in 2023

APA uses the Live Blog software to provide their clients with dynamic live coverage to share with their readers.

See why the APA values liveblogging as a storytelling format here.

“Above all else, we wanted a tool that could help us achieve our ambitious traffic targets. Tickaroo’s software could help increase our search engine visibility thanks to several enhancements, including the ability to fetch and insert structured data server side. We could not find this feature among other tools/software we evaluated.

The more we engaged with the Tickaroo support and engineering team, they demonstrated they were genuinely interested in our success.”

Yvette Uloma Dimitri profile picture
Yvette Uloma Dimiri

Director, Stears Insights

Fast Fact:


more traffic on their live blog than on their articles

Stears' coverage of the Nigerian elections exploded in traffic compared to the previous year. 

Learn how Stears leveraged Tickaroo Live Blog to increase their traffic by more than 1000%.

Tickaroo Marketplace

Buy and Sell Live Blogs within the Tickaroo Ecosystem

The Moon Live Blog editor
Here’s what press agencies and publishers love about Tickaroo Marketplace:
  • Easily Buy and Sell Live Coverage within Tickaroo Software
  • Easily Distribute Content to Publishers
  • Edit Purchased Content to Fit Audience Needs
  • Seamlessly Integrate Trusted Content
  • Fast, Confirmed Updates
  • Automated Up-to-the-Minute Updates
  • Confirmed Live Updates for Ongoing Events (Ukraine War, Gaza Conflict, Covid Pandemic, etc.)
Fast Fact:

61,000+ posts

transferred via Marketplace per year on average
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Sports Teams, Clubs, and Associations

Our real-time software enables sports organizations to inform and interact with their fans.

Here’s what sports teams, clubs, and associations love about our software:
  • Captivating Real-Time Sports Coverage
  • Scores, Standings, Penalties, and More
  • Custom Layouts (no coding necessary)
  • Simple Social Media Integration
  • Easy Multimedia Integration
  • Dynamic Fan Interaction
  • Monetization Opportunities
  • Mobile App for Sideline and BTS Content
  • Easy to Integrate Sports Data
  • Player Stat Cards
These sports teams and organizations rely on the
Tickaroo Live Blog software for their live coverage needs:
Sports Teams, Clubs, and Associations Case Studies

"The Tickaroo Live Blog provides us the ability to engage and interact with fans of African athletes globally. We recognize and highlight their achievements and use this as a way to acquire fans into our ecosystem. 

We hope to build and engage a fan base of African athletes as well as monetize our content to further fund the top performing athletes from Africa."

Rebecca Eliot's Avatar
Rebecca Eliot

Founder, ProTouch Africa

Fast Fact:

>70 Athletes

were featured in the Moments of Glory live blog. 

ProTouch Africa shares the stories of African athletes authentically to foster deeper connections with their fans, sponsors, and supporters. 


interact with fans with live blogs

Event Organizers

Our software makes it easy for event organizers to connect with participants both in and outside the venue.

Here’s what conference, expo, and trade fair organizers love about Tickaroo Live Blog:
  • Structured and Organized Real-Time Coverage
  • Participant Interaction Opportunities
  • Easy Multimedia Integration
  • Simple Social Media Sharing
  • Clear Coverage Workflows for Large Reporting Teams
  • Mobile App for On-Site Coverage
  • High Performance and Stability
  • Custom Live Blog Layout (no coding necessary)
  • Enables Captivating Visual Storytelling
  • Monetization Opportunities
These event organizers rely on the Tickaroo Live Blog
software for their live storytelling needs:
Event Organization Case Studies

“Using Tickaroo was a breeze!...My team was able to easily navigate the backend to create an informative liveblog of a conference. We found it particularly useful that there were different types of content we could add, including quotes, photos, and Tweets, making for an engaging feed on the frontend for those following along.”

Olga Alexandru Freelance journalist
Olga Alexandru

Freelance Journalist

Fast Fact:

5 reporters

collaborated simultaneously on the event's live coverage

Journalism leaders gather twice a year to discuss the state of the industry at this innovative event. 

Learn how Newsrewired shares valuable industry insights with journalists who can't attend the event.

From medal winners to heart-wrenching athlete stories, funny happenstances, and the EC 2022 mascot’s wild antics, reporters shared close to 600 photos of what made this event so unique

Fast Fact:

700,000 uniques

over the course of the event

Volunteers and attendees of the European Championships in Munich were kept up-to-date with our software.

See how EC Munich 2022 used Tickaroo Live Blog to coordinate with volunteers and visitors.
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