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With the Tickaroo Marketplace, Tickaroo users can book reputable liveblogs from our content partners. 
Time zones, other deadlines, the need to have a reporter on location – all of these factors and more can make liveblogging difficult. Even if it’s not possible to put together a liveblog, Tickaroo presents clients with a unique solution. Instead of having to write their own liveblogs, they can book ones that are written by reputable third-party providers. 
buy, sell and edit Liveblogs thanks to the Tickaroo Marketplace 

dpa and APA

Since the debut of Marketplace, dpa has partnered with Tickaroo to provide the latter’s clients with a streamlined way to book news liveblogs. When a dpa-written liveblog is booked via the Tickaroo platform, it is automatically added to the list of liveblogs belonging to that organisation. That means that it can be seamlessly integrated into their website via Embed JS and boosted with SEO solutions such as, AMP and HTML Prefetch. It can be left “as is” or added to should the editors want to include more local information. Despite not having any boots on the ground or being able to even watch the event live, media houses are guaranteed quality coverage when they need it most – live!

SID and kicker

Marketplace isn’t just about news blogs, there are also sports-oriented liveblogs that can be booked – kicker and Sport-Informations-Dienst both offer their liveblogs in Tickaroo Marketplace. From upcoming soccer matches to American Football games or handball, readers are kept informed in real-time thanks to kicker and SID’s reporting as well as Tickaroo’s stable and scalable digital publishing platform. Note: these liveblogs are currently only available in German. 

Writing and Selling

Booking liveblogs is only part of Marketplace’s appeal – it’s also possible for clients to offer theirs as well. If a reporter is covering something of particular interest, for example a breaking news story, they might be the only one with access to the latest updates and live on location. By writing a liveblog and offering it in Marketplace, other news organisations can also book it. All it takes is to add a checkmark to a dropdown menu and the liveblog is good to go – national or even international!

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