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In this interview originally published in Authority Magazine, Naomi Owusu, CEO of Tickaroo, offers valuable tips on what editors, journalists, publishers and news providers can do to regain their readers' trust in journalism. 
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While Naomi shares some of her insights on her journey as a CEO, the interview primarily focuses on the lost trust of readers in journalism and the resulting distrust of mass media. To gain readers' trust back, Naomi shares five valuable tips that editors and publishers can follow:

  1. Include different perspectives and opinions
  2. Address a variety of topics
  3. Find new, engaging formats
  4. Interact with readers
  5. Stay relevant to younger audiences

Here are some of our favorite quotes:  

  • "As a company you are always transparent about your successes and your strengths. But there’s real power in finding space for failure and being transparent about it — analysing why something didn’t work and ensuring you do it better next time." 
  • "When you feel like you need a break, take a break. When you don’t feel good for a long period of time, try something new. Delegate and focus more on your strategy."
  • "Younger audiences are increasingly attracted to shorter news feeds and visually engaging formats, such as TikTok, Instagram and other digital platforms. This illustrates that a classic article might not always be the best way to tell a story, so my advice would be to find engaging formats for digital storytelling that keeps users engaged."
  • "You need to be where your audience is. But it’s not enough to simply be active on every social media platform. It’s essential to stay authentic to your brand, find your voice and tailor it to each platform."
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