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Radio shows and liveblogs: do they even mix? We're sharing some concrete reasons why having a liveblog is one of the best things you can do to increase your audience engagement– on and off the air!
A radio show setup: On Air sign is on behind a microphone

Do you....

... have the best 2000s Top Hits playlist around?

... provide your listeners with the latest news?
.... want to give your audience a better picture of your studio life?

Then this blog post is for you!


News Whenever They Need It

Many people can't listen to the radio during work, unfortunately. This often means missing important breaking news. With a liveblog, however, you can still keep them up to date. Post about new Corona measures, the current traffic situation, or information about popular excursion destinations as the news breaks. Easily integrate the liveblog into your website or share it on your social media channels. This way, your audience can read about important news whenever they need it. 

Integrate External Content in Seconds

With Tickaroo Live Blog, you can easily embed external content such as   Soundcloud playlists, Spotify podcasts, and your own YouTube videos  into your liveblog. By sharing these posts and playlists with your audience, you can interact with them even when you are off the air. With a liveblog, you can build listener  loyalty, by offering them another platform where they can access your information. This digital content can also be more easily shared across social media channels, which can only help expand your reach. 

Up Close and Personal

Is a famous artist or actor visiting your studio? Or is your radio station organizing an event in your region? With a liveblog, you can provide your listeners with behind-the-scenes looks between your on-air interviews. With our drag and drop feature, adding photos and videos is a snap. So don't worry about this extra effort taking up too much time. By sharing these special insights, your audience will feel more connected to your events. Capture your audience's attention digitally, not just on the sound waves. 

One Directional to Two-Way Street

We value our customer relationships and satisfaction. One way we foster this, is by having open channels of communication. We quickly learn about their needs, and are able to make adjustments to our technology that helps them meet their goals. Our upcoming   commenting feature is a direct result of this close-knit relationship. This feature enables your audiences to react directly to your posts, and allows you to highlight posts you find especially relevant. Radio doesn't have to be primarily one directional anymore. By providing your fans with direct digital access to your show, two-way interaction can thrive! This interaction can only help listener loyalty, and can even provide you with more material! 

Boost Contest Engagment

Everyone loves a good radio contest. Whether you are asking trivia questions about a popular artist, or you want your listeners to call in when they hear a specific song, Tickaroo Live Blog can help you organize your games! Post new hints or even red herrings in you liveblog to stir up excitement. Integrate Twitter discussions about the quiz to increase your reach. With our latest update, content providers like   Apester can also be easily integrated into your liveblog! Create your own interactive quiz and see how many of your listeners participate! These smaller contests will only encourage listeners to participate in the big contests you are hosting on-air! 

There are plenty of reasons for radio stations to liveblog! Keep your audience up to date not only on the air, but also online.
Create your own liveblogs without any technical background knowledge with Tickaroo’s liveblog technology.

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