German Press Agency Extend Partnership with Liveblog Software Provider


They've been working together for many years. Now the partnership between the German Press Agency (Deutsche Presse Agentur - dpa) and Tickaroo is getting stronger. Starting June 1, 2023, dpa will rely on Tickaroo not only for the distribution of its liveblogs, but also for their creation. Tickaroo customers will also benefit from this extended partnership.


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Since 20217, dpa has been working with Tickaroo and has already been able to generate added value for its customers with the live content technology. Up until this point, the Tickaroo software enabled media houses to access and use the dpa's live information quickly and effectively within their own liveblogs. Now the dpa will use the live-blogging software to not only distribute its live content, but also use it to compose it. The upcoming conversion and full use of the software provider is the next step and underlines this close partnership. "By expanding our cooperation with the dpa, we'll be able to work  closely with the newsroom to make live storytelling even more intuitive and interactive for our users, the editors," explains Naomi Owusu, CEO of Tickaroo.
The Deutsche Presse-Agentur was founded in 1949 and is one of the world's leading independent news agencies. It provides editorial services to the media, companies and organizations and, as an international agency, provides coverage in seven languages. Around 1,000 journalists work from around 150 locations in Germany and abroad.
"Tickaroo is used by many media houses and has established itself as a reliable tool. This means significant added value for dpa's liveblog production," explains Jirka Albig, Managing Director of dpa-infocom. In addition to stability and decades of experience, media houses also benefit from being able to individually design and edit the embedded live blogs. As a result, their readers are not only informed, but also entertained. Tickaroo Live Blog software enables the integration of media such as text, images, links, videos, music, social media posts and polls, as well as third-party content. Media companies are also empowered by the expanded collaboration to expand their reach.
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