The Role of Liveblogs in Today's News Coverage


In this article originally published in Technology Dispatch Tickaroo's CEO Naomi Owusu discusses the role technology plays in the news and media landscape. 

Scrabble tiles spelling out Shift Happens. This image is used to reflect the shift that is occurring in media consumers behaviour to include shorter content. Photo by SOULSANA on Unsplash

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With consumer behaviour and desires changing due to the digital revolution, media companies are looking to new formats that provide their readers with short, digestible, yet still accurate content. One format has emerged that caters to this consumer desire, but also provides journalists with a structure that feels natural, meaningful, and trustworthy: liveblogs. Naomi explores how journalists use liveblogs in this new digital era. 


Here are some of our favorite quotes: 

        • "Given how complex and interconnected the media landscape has become over the last few decades, it’s no surprise that media outlets and their journalists are now locked into a fierce battle over how quickly and accurately they can deliver news to as many people as possible. Technology has become the media’s new battleground for news dissemination." 
        • "The key thing that makes liveblogging a standout news delivery tool for editorial teams is that content can be created, uploaded and delivered as quickly as possible without compromising on accuracy. Given its lack of access to the public and propaganda machines, it leaves little to no room for misinformation and disinformation, and untrustworthy news aggregators." 
        • "Additionally, liveblogging can also function in tandem with social media and does not necessarily have to replace it as social channels can become sources of information that can be integrated into the liveblogs. That way social media content can be curated by the journalists and be seamlessly integrated into liveblogs to add further depth to the overall stories. Media outlets can simply no longer ignore the reach and audience engagement social media outlets have." 

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