Tech Trends 2023: An Emphasis in Energy Efficiency


In this listicle originally published in , Tickaroo's CTO Andreas Gerauer  and other industry leaders share their 2023 predictions for the tech industry. 

The earth from space, where the lights from large cities can be seen. How this image will change during the energy crisis remains to be seen. Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Name of the listicle:


What's the listicle about? 

Tech leaders share their predictions for 2023. From technologies and tools to infrastructure, these leaders share where they think the tech industry is headed. Andreas  focuses on energy efficiency and how companies need to adapt in order to ensure that they come out on top during the pending energy crisis. 

Here is one of our favorite quotes:

"Energy efficiency has been on the tech world's radar for years, but with the current energy crisis, it will play an even bigger role in 2023. While not new, but currently very relevant - Amazon has developed servers with a focus on efficiency. We predicted in 2021 that ARM-based CPUs would become more common and indispensable due to their energy efficiency. This prediction is indeed coming true."


Read Andi's and other industry leaders' tech predictions in 2023 in this listicle!

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