There’s a New Editor in Town: Tickaroo Live Blog 2.0


Work smarter, not harder: Tickaroo’s Editor 2.0 is filled with new features and updates that make it easier than ever for reporters to compose and edit liveblog posts.  

An open laptop displays Tickaroo Live Blog's new editor 2.0. With it's sleek new design and more features liveblogging has become easier than ever.
Our new liveblog editor allows reporters and editors to create high-performing and visually stunning liveblog posts that captivate the reader’s attention. Flexible content creation coupled with an all-new user interface keeps the focus on the storytelling and not the tech. When we first began offering our Tickaroo Live Blog news template, we worked closely with editors to ensure that their editorial needs were being met. With our newest update, we also listened to what our news partners wanted and found the best technical solutions to deliver those features. 

Time is Money

One of the most noticeable differences is the completely updated user interface. Split into two sections, the left-hand side is dedicated to writing and publishing while the right is the post timeline for the entire liveblog. Thanks to the new user interface, reporters can do more, but with far fewer clicks. Higher user efficiency and usability are the driving forces behind these changes.  

Increase Reach & Engagement

A popular theme in journalism is how to better connect with readers. With that in mind we have added a new feature that is sure to be popular. Now reporters can add links to dedicated webembed blocks, and not have to delete the link before it gets posted. That means that including external content just got a whole lot easier. Adding links for polls from Opinary are also great ways to boost reader engagement while staying true to the story.  
Coming soon: An upcoming feature that our team is hard at work on is live comments. Very soon reporters and readers will be able to directly interact with each other, and the story. Before this interactive new feature is released, we will contact our partners directly, so keep an eye on your inboxes! 

Innovative Publishing Features

Arguably the biggest change to how a liveblog post is composed centers around stackable blocks. Reporters can choose from a combination of blocks – rich text, media, and webembed – and flexibly configure them into the perfect liveblog entry. With more control than ever as to how the story is told, reporters are quickly learning how to use this intuitive new feature.  
Another favourite feature, our social search, has gotten a big makeover. Now all social and external content platforms can be accessed even more quickly and easily including Twitter, Getty Images, dpa picture alliance, and more.  

2021: The Perfect Digital Start

With so many new and re-worked features to look forward to in Editor 2.0, editors and journalists are even better equipped to report live news. From events being held digitally instead of in person, to more distance-friendly venues or events with almost no spectators, live events may be changing but live reporting is only getting better. 

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