Three Ways to Monetize Your Content with Liveblogs


Quality content requires a significant time investment to acquire and keep readers engaged. Ultimately, the invested time must also yield economic returns. Therefore, monetizing content is a crucial pillar for every media company and blogger. However, smaller websites, often due to a lack of manpower, struggle with revenue generation. How can a live blog help address this issue?
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Even the best content is of little use if it can't be found due to clutter. What the table of contents or index provides in the traditional print realm can now be achieved digitally through liveblogs. Many media outlets use well-maintained liveblogs as timelines, where current content can be posted to give readers an overview of developing stories. The most important articles, stories, and news are presented in a clear and organized manner, enticing the reader to linger longer.
In this context, a liveblog serves as a shop window, inviting the reader to immerse themselves in the website. It also offers the opportunity to structure content or highlight specific topics. Especially during events, incidents, and crises that unfold over an extended period, liveblogs can be a crucial tool for maintaining an overview.
But what does this have to do with monetization? Liveblogs can lead to longer media time and increased page views. This high reach and time spent increases the opportunities to boost revenue, ensuring that the time invested in the content itself pays off in the end.


The use of paywalls and Adsense are fundamental income sources for publishers nowadays. However, paywalls and associated subscriptions are particularly challenging for smaller media outlets to promote, while the widespread use of ad blockers complicates revenue generation from advertising.
Additional sources of income are needed. Liveblogs offer several ways to generate these revenues. We will delve into three of these options in this blog post. Read more about other options in our whitepaper How to Create Revenue Streams in a World of Free Content

📰 1. Integrated Ads

Advertisements are a crucial component in the marketing of media and brands and can be directly integrated into liveblogs. There is a wide variety of formats available, from video ads to display banners. For a good user experience, it's important that the liveblog's content doesn't get overloaded with advertising, but rather has a balanced mix. When covering sensitive topics, such as terrorist attacks or natural disasters, the use of advertisements should be avoided.
Advantage: Since the average media time in a liveblog is more than eight times higher than a regular article, more and different advertisements can be displayed, thereby increasing revenue opportunities. Advertisements around the content also do not hinder the reading flow and do not cause irritation to the reader.

🥂 2. Exclusive Sponsors and Partners

What is now standard for certain television broadcasts also applies to blog articles and liveblogs - a presenter partnership. Unobtrusive banners with "This content is presented by..." do not disrupt the user experience but ensure a continuous presence and visibility of a collaborating partner. Such partnerships are particularly suitable for recurring content and regular formats.

📈3. The Integration of the Blog on Other Portals

Marketing your own content elsewhere can be quite beneficial, especially when creating a liveblog that requires particular expertise or timeliness. Your own liveblog content can be made available through Tickaroo Marketplace, expanding reach and generating higher revenue. This way, you not only benefit from your own readers but also generate additional income. On the other hand, partners benefit from your expertise and save on personnel resources.
Integrating advertisements, involving sponsors and partners, as well as marketing to third parties are just three methods that can help bloggers and media creators monetize their content. Looking for more possibilities? Then check out our whitepaper: How to Create Revenue Streams in a World of Free Content



Monetizing one's own content presents significant challenges for many media outlets and bloggers. Established revenue streams are changing or lack consistency. How can new channels of income be explored?
Liveblogs offer several promising opportunities to market content: through integrated advertising, partnerships or branding, and even external embedding of your liveblogs elsewhere.
In this context, having a technology partner like Tickaroo is crucial. Our software provides a versatile solution that can be easily and effortlessly tailored to your specific needs. 
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