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Tickaroo Live Blog is the perfect tool for covering a variety of events and topics. Customize the design and layout of your live blogs to fit your style and needs. Discover what our software can do with the following examples.

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Award Shows

Capture the Glamour of
Award Shows

Live Blog is perfect for covering extravagant events where there is plenty for your readers to see, hear, and experience.

Check out our news blog example of the Grammys, which features numerous multimedia content integrations, such as Spotify, YouTube, Apester, and more!

Award show

Publish Election Info Your Audience Craves

When it comes to covering time-sensitive content for an extended period of time, Live Blog is the high-performance software you need. 

Create individual live blogs for specific events, like a debate, to cover updates as they occur throughout the entire election season and to announce the final results. Check out our election blog example below.

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Breaking News

Reach Your Readers When They Need You Most

From natural disasters to WWII bomb extractions, when the safety of your readers is at stake, there’s no time for technical issues. See how you can use a variety of content to reach your readers when time is of the essence in our breaking news blog example.

From onset to aftermath, our rock-solid technology lets you communicate crucial updates and vital information to your readers when and wherever they need it - our live blog tech is optimized for mobile.

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Corporate Blogs

Connect with Employees with this Engaging Format

Tickaroo Live Blog makes it easy to organize posts in long ongoing blogs with custom tags. Whether you're sharing company policy changes with your employees or keeping potential clients informed about your latest updates, this feature, along with many others, makes our tool a great solution for your company's internal and external communication. 

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Announce the Latest Technologies and Trends

From TED Talks to product announcements, Tickaroo Live Blog makes creating engaging content that encourages interaction easy. Live comment blocks allow publishers to ask open-ended questions to get audiences engaged right from the start. 

Expert Interviews

Enable Readers to Interact With Experts

Whether you’re hosting a panel with medical experts about a global pandemic or interviewing an author about their new book, Tickaroo Live Blog enables publishers and broadcasters to engage with their audiences on a deeper level. 

Provide readers with highlights from an interview and allow them to actively participate with our polling and live-commenting features.

See how to use this engaging feature in our expert interview example below.

Travel Blogs

Captivate Readers with Stunning Visuals

Visuals are crucial for any travel blog. Tickaroo Live Blog provides you with numerous opportunities to make your content shine with our easy image, video, and social media integration. Our various formatting options allow you to control how your content is displayed.

Easy-to-integrate affiliate links also make monetizing lifestyle live blogs a snap. Check out our travel blog example below. 

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Sporting Events

Cover Every Goal in Seconds

When it comes to covering sporting events, Tickaroo Live Blog is the tool for the job. With its specialized sports templates, it easily shares scores, penalties, and more. Add coveted BTS content from the sidelines to provide fans with valuable content they can't get anywhere else. 

Check out our sports blog example below. 

Tickaroo Pictures-13

Cover the Drama and Build a Community

Fans of reality TV know that the behind-the-scenes drama is usually the most interesting. Keep your readers up-to-date on all the juicy details that might occur once the cameras stop rolling. 

Provide your audiences with an opportunity to interact with other fans with polls, comment blocks and more. 


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