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Implementing Live Blogs in Large Media Groups: RND Case Study


With Tickaroo as a reliable partner, reporters have access to everything they need for top-notch live reporting. Even with numerous features available, the platform is user-friendly, allowing journalists to get started right away after a straightforward onboarding process. This simplicity is especially crucial for large publishing houses and media groups like RND, which operate multiple newspapers.
RND live blog of the Kieler Wocher, one of the world's biggest sailing events
Effortless Live Reporting

Especially as a publishing house with several regional daily newspapers, it is of enormous importance to be able to address and inform the respective audiences directly. The easy handling of the Tickaroo Live Blog Tool makes it possible for news websites to provide their users with all relevant information and reports in an uncomplicated, fast and direct way. This means that readers do not miss even the smallest detail of the live news, and the traffic remains on their own website. Detailed statistics can be easily viewed and provide editors with information about which content is particularly popular with readers.

Even with all of the many newspapers reporting on their own regional stories, the fail-safe live blog software is the ideal digital publishing solution for any and every kind of live event. The Live Blog app allows multiple reporters from different locations to share live updates with their online users – and thanks to the customisable JavaScript Embed widget, all of the live blogs can be customised and presented according to each of the individual website’s style and colours. Close user experiences are created through the interaction of near minute-by-minute updates and summaries, as well as texts, images, videos and integrated social media posts.


Seamless Collaboration Across Publications

RND, one of Germany's largest publishers of regional daily newspapers, receives around 5 million visits per month. With 15 regional daily newspapers, including the Leipziger Volkszeitung and the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, RND leverages the Tickaroo syndication feature to streamline their workflows and foster closer collaboration within their media group. By incorporating RSS feeds and other live blogs as Content Streams, various publications within the group can exchange and share live blog content effortlessly. This feature allows for the automatic syndication of live blogs, ensuring new content is seamlessly published across multiple platforms. As a result, RND's editorial teams and newsrooms can efficiently share and distribute live blog content, enhancing their collaborative efforts.


Liveblogging the “Kieler Woche” – One of the World’s Biggest Sailing Events

The Kieler Woche is regarded as the world's largest sailing event and attracts over three million spectators to the Schleswig-Holstein state capital every year. For the Kieler Zeitung, part of the RND publishing group, this means a week full of sporting and cultural highlights. Due to the sheer size and scale of the event, the number of reporters has to be proportional. Tickaroo's uncomplicated liveblogging technology is perfect for any size of team and allows several reporters to work simultaneously. In order to produce a cohesive narrative, the handy editorial publishing function creates a simple approval processes: the live content is written on site but is only published after approval from the news room.


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