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Streamlining Sports Reporting: A Case from Der Spiegel


Together with Tickaroo Live Blog, Der Spiegel constantly surpasses their goal of providing their readers with the best possible live content updates. The easy-to-use liveblog software and its speedy integration via JS embed widgets allow their editors and reporters to concentrate on what is important: the story.
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Jorb Sucher, the Managing Editor at Der Spiegel, explains why the usability of the liveblogging software is important to them

The Spiegel team has relied on Tickaroo Live Blog software for its live coverage for years. The newsroom consistently utilizes live blogs to inform their readers about global political events and sports matches, ranging from the Basketball World Cup to the FIFA Women's World Cup. Usability is paramount for both the editorial staff and readers, ensuring a seamless experience for all involved.


Leveraging Multi-Reporter Mode

Tickaroo’s reporter-friendly liveblog tool is not only simple to use but also effortless for editors from different departments to master. During the 2018 Winter Olympics, several journalists contributed to the informative and entertaining liveblogs from the main office in Hamburg or from live on location with the help of the multi-reporter function. This collaborative approach ensures that all aspects of the event are covered effectively, providing readers with a well-rounded and engaging experience.


Room for Flexibility

Tickaroo Live Blog software offers plenty of room for flexibility. Publishers can tailor their content and tone to suit the needs of their audience.

When reading Der Spiegel's sports live blogs, readers seek entertainment and enjoyment from following their favorite sports. Here, newsroom reporters adapt their reporting style to resonate with their audience.  Der Spiegel not only assigns multiple reporters to cover the game but also has them engage in a lively dialogue with each other. They ask questions, express emotions with emojis, and crack jokes. By injecting personality into their reporting, they effectively engage readers and forge deeper connections with them.


Optimizing Sports Coverage

In the fast-paced realm of sports coverage, concentrating solely on the game without being hindered by technical glitches is crucial. When reporting on sports events, Der Spiegel journalists select from a range of pre-made sports templates that come pre-configured with all the necessary settings. As the game unfolds, our user-friendly platform empowers them to integrate various engaging elements into their coverage within seconds seamlessly. Whether social media embeds, on-field images, and videos, or template-specific elements like scoreboards or player cards, Der Spiegel reporters leverage the intuitive liveblogging platform to captivate readers without getting distracted by technical issues. With the platform's rock-solid performance and 24/7 automated monitoring, the newsroom gains a competitive edge in the dynamic world of news reporting.

Thriving in Collaboration

Der Spiegel, a highly respected and widely read news publication with an international journalism reputation, is also one of the most visited news sites in Germany. With over 200 million monthly visits, it is clear that Der Spiegel’s editorial staff's emphasis on relevant and timely news updates, as well as important political current affairs, resonates strongly with its readers. Whether it is a large-scale event like the Olympics, a planned news blog about Brexit, or the latest breaking news, Der Spiegel counts on Tickaroo Live Blog to always provide them with the new standard in live content technology. 


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